A Visit to Three Monkeys Photo Emporium

January 9, 2023

A Visit to Three Monkeys Photo Emporium

On our last visit to Pigeon Forge, the kids and I stopped by the Three Monkeys Photo Emporium to monkey around with the locals and take some pics.

Evie did enjoy holding a monkey but, when he climbed onto her shoulder, she got super ticklish and handed over her monkey to Sean. And then Sean got another monkey, and another monkey…

The photo shoot was a kick. They gave us a stack of discount postcards so there might still be some in the cabin. Check the drawers in the coffee table or the junk drawer in the kitchen.

Since our visit, they’ve also added an “Otter Aquatic Adventure” that we’re looking forward to trying. Check their website to see if there’s anything new.

Photos with the monkeys do not require reservations but the meet and greet session or aquatic adventure would. I recommend calling before you head in because sometimes the animals take a day off.

kids with monkeys
Evie’s just too ticklish so Sean got all the monkeys!

2430 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge
15 minutes from Firefly Bluff
(864) 446-2155